Saturday, October 11, 2014

 Okay so I know I am really late but blogger is so frustrating sometimes. Anyways, here are the girls back to school photos. Rebecca is going into 7th grade, Caroline into 6th, and Lilly into 4th.

You may have noticed that Rebecca's hair looks a bit nicer. That is because I got her sent to the hospital!!! I am going to post some before and after pictures later.

I LOVE this outfit!!
Have a good First day of School!
(Well more like 60th day of school)




Okay so here is a really old valentines day party I did with my sister's and I's dolls.
I just wanted to show it. Okay. Bye

Saturday, June 28, 2014

 New AG Summer Releases

Love this. So adorable!
Okay, so this summer I have decided to post a lot more often. I was recently browsing on of my favorite doll blogs, AmericanGirlFan when I saw a new post. The AG summer releases are here! I was so excited because I had seen AGoverseasfan's doll, Ginger. (Number 61.) I went to the AG website to look at all of the new releases. There was a lot! These are my favorites.

                   My American Girl #61

I LOVE HER. She is so pretty! She also reminds me of Amy Pond. The new hair color is fantastic. I cannot decide whether to get her or #55. They are both so pretty!

Very Classy

So Cute!

Very pretty.And EXPENSIVE

Love the shoes and skirt. Coconut looks so cute!


Skate Set is Adorable! The Skateboard is the BEST!

I think all of the new accessories are adorable! I just didn't want to copy and paste all the pictures. Blogger was being annoying and made it really hard, so sorry if the page is a little skewompus

The new release is so great. They have so many cute (and pricey) things. I cannot believe they released so much. There is a lot of stuff! I really really love #61. So Adorable!



Sunday, April 6, 2014

Frozen Photo Shoot

Let it Go!
Caroline's Beautiful Scarf Dress

Sven's outfit

Look, it's Anna!

Side View

"Elsa, are you there?"


"For the First Time in Forever, I Finally Understand"
Pretty Face
Caroline again


Playing with Photo Editing

All of The Dolls
Lilly and her trusty steed

Rebecca as Sven
Elsa's Braid
Thank you for coming to our website. Please tell our friends about us. We are trying to post more.
P.S. We got Caroline in November
(Just shows how not often we post)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
Rebecca wanted to have a Halloween party at her house.
Here's the pics.

Julie as a gorgeous mermaid.

Nicole is a bouncing ballerina

Becca's a baby!
Isn't she adorable!

Lily is a fluttering fairy.

Here's a shot of Julie and Nicole.

Aahh! Look at all the creepy crawlies!

Oh Becca. You're such a BABY!
Do you get it.
Are you okay Lily?

Any problem can be cured with candy.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Diva Hair Styles

Welcome to Diva Hair Styles, the perfect place to get your hair done like a diva.

Kids Cuts starting @ $3.00

Adult Cuts starting @ $5.00

Meet Lily, Our Head Stylist.

 This is Nicole her Divaliciocus assistant.
                         Rebbeca is getting her hair put in curlers

Then she sits at the bench and reads a magazine

              In the Process
    Hairspray Time

         Our Signature Style
The No Pony Bun

     The curlers are coming out.    
                         What beautiful curls.
 Time to go.

    6:00 o'clock.  Closing Time                 

   So why don't you come see us soon!