Saturday, June 28, 2014

 New AG Summer Releases

Love this. So adorable!
Okay, so this summer I have decided to post a lot more often. I was recently browsing on of my favorite doll blogs, AmericanGirlFan when I saw a new post. The AG summer releases are here! I was so excited because I had seen AGoverseasfan's doll, Ginger. (Number 61.) I went to the AG website to look at all of the new releases. There was a lot! These are my favorites.

                   My American Girl #61

I LOVE HER. She is so pretty! She also reminds me of Amy Pond. The new hair color is fantastic. I cannot decide whether to get her or #55. They are both so pretty!

Very Classy

So Cute!

Very pretty.And EXPENSIVE

Love the shoes and skirt. Coconut looks so cute!


Skate Set is Adorable! The Skateboard is the BEST!

I think all of the new accessories are adorable! I just didn't want to copy and paste all the pictures. Blogger was being annoying and made it really hard, so sorry if the page is a little skewompus

The new release is so great. They have so many cute (and pricey) things. I cannot believe they released so much. There is a lot of stuff! I really really love #61. So Adorable!



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